TransEnterix is digitizing the interface between the surgeon and patient to improve minimally invasive surgery by addressing clinical and economic challenges associated with current laparoscopic and robotic options in healthcare.

The company is focused on the global commercialization of the Senhance™ Surgical System, the first and only digital laparoscopic platform, designed to maintain laparoscopic MIS standards and provide digital benefits such as robotic precision, comfortable ergonomics, advanced instruments, eye sensing camera control, and reusable standard instruments that maintain per-procedure costs similar to traditional laparoscopy.

The Senhance System provides security of haptic feedback, so the surgeon can feel the forces exerted in tissues during surgery – both in and outside the field of view. A digital fulcrum uses haptics to determine where to move the arms, and senses when excess force is applied to the abdominal wall. The surgeon can control the camera with their eyes through eye-tracking sensors, allowing them to move the camera while simultaneously continuing to operate instruments. The Senhance System has an open-architecture design, allowing for integration with many existing OR technologies and leading vision systems.

Senhance provides improved ergonomics for the surgeon, who is seated comfortably throughout the procedure, with an open console which allows communication to surgical staff.  Senhance™ Ultrasonic Advanced Energy device enables surgeons to perform fast and precise tissue dissection with minimized thermal injury to non-targeted tissues. Senhance Microlaparoscopy 3 mm instruments are used in a variety of MIS procedures, leveraging stability and precision in a robotic platform, with the control of digital laparoscopy.

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